Braunschweig - Danzig 23.5.-2.6.92

Cycling 1000 km into the Wind

Chapter 1... Album 1

Braunschweig - Usedom

Chapter 1 describes planning and ride towards the Baltic Sea which is reached at Wismar. An evening at the island of Poel and then along the coast to Warnemünde and Zingst. Then to Stralsund and a visit to the islands of Hiddensee, Rügen and Usedom, where we visit our fisher friends.

Chapter 2... Album 2
Usedom - Danzig

In Chapter 2 we have a day at Koelpinsee at Usedom and do a sailing trip at the Baltic sea. We continue the tour via Swinemünde, Wollin, Kolberg, Stolp and the Kaschubei to Danzig. There is much to be seen and we have a nice adventure.