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Geographic Overview (70 K)


At the next time I gradually will try to translate some reports in English to address readers not speaking German. The translation will be some shorter than the original in native German and more touristically orientated.

Reports translated until now are Paris 85, European Hike Trail E6 86/87, Passau - Vienna - Balaton 88, Alpen 89 and France 94 (Since then I have done some work and there are many translated reports now, signed by the UK flag in the Homepage .

Perhaps someone speaking native English can make critical comments and if you find impossible phrases - let me know!


It's a nice opportunity, to offer all the tour reports to the internet folks, for there was some work with it all over the years. I started to write the reports in 1989 on the occasion of the tour in the Alps which I did alone.

It was my aim to preserve the memories that I couldn't share with anyone else. Back at home I made a booklet from the daily notes and put the pictures inside.

Another push to write reports was the "Wende" in 1989 when this damned frontier inside of Germany was opened and soon removed. From one day to the next it was possible to start at the frontdoor and to explore completely unknown sites. Meanwhile the reports of those days are time documents.

If there exist photographs a tour report is an ideal medium to put them inside. If they are scanned they can be sent in the net, used as clickable icons etc.


Everything written in the reports actually happened. Historical and touristical informations like by Tourist Guides are rare.


The icons (3-5 Kb) and full sized pictures (20-80 Kb) are stored in jpeg.

Links and Email

Some time links to the reports are included in the Trento Bike Pages .

I always appreciate critical or not-critical comments of the readers

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