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Cuxhaven - Leer
Summer  1984

Paris - Leer
September 1985

This is the very first tour of my collection at all.

The first part of the report deals with an escape from those chaired baskets at the beach, leading fom Cuxhaven through Ostfriesland to Leer and back via Leer, Emden and Aurich.

One year later there is a more encouraged tour from Paris to the coast of the British Sea (Canal) via northwest of France, Belgium and Holland. In Holland we cross the diverse courses of river Rhine, the culmination at all is the transfer across the dam of the Ijssel-Sea.

Finally we reach Leer again, the final point of the last year.

At this time nobody had the idea that 15 years later there will be the North Sea Cycle Route, a signed cycle path around the North Sea. Of course we will not ignore this fantastic occasion. Read about the 2002 attempt.