Fahrradtour: Höxter - Einbeck - Wittenberg - Pyritz - Usedom - Hiddensee
7.8. - 23.8.1996

Route Table (Itinerary)

Chapter 1 Album 1

Radweg 1: Weser - Elbe

Chapter 1 describes the preliminaries as the idea for this tour was born. The first part is the R1 from Hoexter via Einbeck, Bad Gandersheim, Wernigerode until Rosslau at the Elbe.

Chapter 2 Album 2

From the Elbe to the Oder

Chapter 2 describes the tour from the Elbe to the Oder via Wittenberg, Jüterbog, Storkow and the train journey to Schwedt.

Chapter 3 Album 3

Pyritz and Inselhopping

Chapter 3 describes the visit of my home town Pyritz. We then continue to Stettin and go by train to Swinemünde. We stay at the islands Usedom, Rügen und Hiddensee.